Multi Concept Directory HTML Template

Explorer is static HTML template with the primary focus on directory & listings websites. By using this template you can boost website development because design is well coded into HTML format. Template is incorporating dozens of directory oriented components and HTML files.

Read before purchase

  • This is static HTML template, not WordPress theme.
  • There is no backend implementation support.
  • For running Google Maps you must have proper API key.
  • Package on ThemeForest contains placeholders, original images are not available.

Homepage Versions

  • Directory & Listings
  • Real Estate & Rentals
  • Job Board
  • Car & Automotive
  • Travel & Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Classified Ads
  • Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Creating an admin section for client is an essential functionality for each custom made CMS.
In the Explorer HTML template we are including all basic components for developing backend section
for free in the package available on ThemeForest.

In the admin we are covering following parts: tables, dashboard, sidebar, forms and some basic
cards. Admin templates does not contain advanced integrations with third party JavaScript libraries.

Before purchasing an item on ThemeForest we recommend to go through all admin files in our demo site
and if you are missing interesting component, feel free to contact us through comments section.

Angular 2 Map Application

Modern applications are build by using JavaScript frameworks where the business logic is
processed in client browser. In template we are bundling Angular 2 application for listing
objects on the Google Map.

All data for application are fetched from REST API. HTML template contains JSON file
with all required data but in the Symfony 3 application we developed an API provider so
you use this application for data storage as well.

Please note that application contains only logic for displaying objects on the Google Map. There
is no advanced workflows for searching nor adding new listings.

Symfony 3 Backend

Explorer is just static HTML without any business logic so we decided to include to
at least minimal PHP backend for managing listings to speed up your website development.
This is a great value for experienced developers which will reuse bundled source code and
add new business logic required by client.

In the backend we are including only screen for managing listings and simple API provider
to expose listings. There is no other logic and support for Symfony framework. We are
expecting that source code will be used only by professional who are aware what they are doing.

Jekyll Source Files

Jekyll is a simple static site generator. It takes raw HTML templates and then it
passes them through its converter. The result is HTML structure without any business

If you are looking for absolutely fast website without any hack possibilities, this is
the way to go. The hosting requirements are minimal so you can host your website almost

As the main example you can check Explorer template where we used Jekyll to generate all
files. In the package you will get all predefined components and files for free. You can see
that with Jekyll you can achieve awesome results with minimal server requirements.

7 Unique Niches

With the Explorer it is possible to achieve several layouts for different niches. In template we are bundling 7 homepage layouts.

Agents & Agencies

With the Explorer template is easy to display agent & agencies data. You can display listings with the pagination. There are available row, boxed and small version. The agent and agency details are prepared as well.

Front End Submission Components

There is no problem to turn the template into real estate directory portal. Explorer contains properly styled form elements and prepared submission forms.

Admin Templates

When creating new system, backend is an essential part of project. Template contains basic set of admin templates for directory CMS.

Developer Friendly

Explorer is written by keeping in mind that it will be used by other developers so everything is well structured and ready for customizations.

Bootstrap 4 Framework

All templates are based on Bootstrap 4 framework so the project is easily understandable for developers familiar with the framework.

SASS Files

For such a large project as the Explorer is, we used SASS to compile all files. Project contains dozens of well structured SASS files which can be easily modified.

Fully Responsive

Template is responsive on all devices from extra large screens to small mobile devices. It is easy to prepare all images for high quality displays as well.

Included HTML Files

403.html 404.html 500.html
admin-agencies.html admin-agents.html admin-cards.html
admin-…light-minimal-sidebar.html admin-…light-sidebar.html admin-…minimal-sidebar.html
admin-dashboard.html admin-forms.html admin-listings.html
admin-media.html admin-messages.html admin-projects.html
admin-tables.html admin-tasks.html admin-users.html
agencies-detail.html agencies-grid.html agencies-row.html
agencies-submit.html agents-detail.html agents-grid.html
agents-row.html agents-submit.html blog-detail-left.html
blog-detail.html blog-grid-left.html blog-grid.html
blog-left.html blog.html change-password.html
checkout.html contact.html faq.html
filters.html forms.html grid.html
index-automotive.html index-classified.html index-directory.html
index-job-board.html index-real-estate.html index-restaurant.html
index-travel.html index.html invoice.html
listings-claim.html listings-compare.html listings-detail.html
listings-favorites.html listings-google-map.html listings-grid.html
listings-my.html listings-rows.html listings-submit.html
login.html pricing.html registration.html
reservations-extra-features.html reset-password.html services.html
sticky-footer.html tables.html terms-conditions.html
testimonials.html user-profile-edit.html


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.


  • Font family: Lato
  • Images: Unsplash

Tags: directory, listings, listing, automotive, business, car, company, real estate, travel, hotel, restaurant, classified, map, ad, angular