Particles – Clean Admin Template for React & Redux

Particles is React & Redux admin template. Main focus is on simplicity without using tons of third party plugins. Particles is a great template to bootstrap your admin area with well structured source code.

Read before purchase

  • We are using this project to create project structure: create-react-app
  • This is React & Redux template, so React knowledge is required.
  • There is no backend implementation support.
  • You must install node modules by running “npm install” command.
  • To start development server you must run “npm start” command.
  • Package on ThemeForest contains placeholders, original images are not available.

Developer Friendly

Particles is written by keeping in mind that it will be used by other developers so everything is well structured and ready for customizations. However experience with React is required to successfully run this project. So please keep in mind that this is not static HTML template where you can directly edit HTML code. React code does not contain styling and CSS is separated from React components.

SASS Files

For such a large project as the Particles is, we used SASS to compile all files. Project contains dozens of well structured SASS files which can be easily modified. Susy version 2.x is used for grid system and some utilities. To compile SASS files project is using Gulp which is already available in project. To get it working you can just run “gulp watch” command.

Fully Responsive

Template is responsive on all devices from extra large screens to small mobile devices. It is easy to prepare all images for high quality displays as well. To make the template responsive, project is using standard @media structure in CSS files. To change responsive breakpoints you can edit _variables.scss file.


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.

v1.0.4 – 11/06/2017

* IMPROVEMENT: gulpfile.js
* IMPROVEMENT: bundled color combinations
* IMPROVEMENT: library dependencies
* FIX: paddings

v1.0.2 – 11/02/2017

* IMPROVEMENT: slight color and menu improvements

v1.0.1 – 10/30/2017

* FEATURE: HTML version 


  • Images: Unsplash

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