Fully tested and compatible with the new WordPress v4.0 “Benny”

Awesome App is a great one page theme to showcase your app or any other product or service you provide.


----- Version 1.4 - August 07, 2014 -----
Fixed - various mobile viewport fixes
Fixed - social icons in team section not aligning correctly
Fixed - broken images in sample-data.xml file
----- Version 1.3 - June 01, 2014 -----
Fixed - issue with custom shortcodes not appearing on visual editor due WordPress 3.9 affecting Tinymce 4.0. Changed files are: blog_post.js, button.js, collapse,js, contact_form.js, faqs.js, grid.js, cons.'s, jobs.js, lists.js, progress bar.js, services.js, teams.js, testimonials.js, typo.js. Note: if upgrading from previous version simply replace these files from themes/awesome-app/includes/shortcodes/assets/js/plugins 
----- Version 1.2 - May 21, 2014 -----
Modified - awesome-app/includes/js/scripts.js
Modified - awesome-app/includes/tags/menu.php
Modified - awesome-app/includes/functions.php
Modified - awesome-app/page-one-page.php
Fixed - FAQ’s custom post type not appearing on sidebar
Fixed - When on a single post page clicking on a nav menu item was not linking correctly 
Feature - Now has the ability to hide a sections name from the navigation menu
Updated - documentation
----- Version 1.1 - April 12, 2014 -----
New - Compatible with WordPress version 3.9+
New - Now includes child-theme
New - Compatible with Contact Form 7
New - Blogroll pause on mouse hover
New - Modernizr JS plugin added
New - Ability to link button in main navigation to a section similar to an anchor link
New - TGM plugin activation class added
New - Contact Form 7
New - Banner overlay improvement with ability now to enable/disable hover states
New - Child-theme now included
New - Pause Blog on hover
Fixed - Issue with button in main navigation not linking to external url
Fixed - Addressed some text alignment issues in contact page
Fixed - New installed plugins not appearing in left navigation within wp-admin
Fixed - Senders email address not sent when contact form is submitted
Fixed - Senders email address not sent when demo sign up field is submitted
Fixed - Minor phone viewport issues
Fixed - Built In forms text
Fixed - Automatic Paragraphs removed from short codes
Fixed - Some small mobile viewport fixes
Fixed - Minor aesthetic fixes throughout the theme
Improved - Built In Form auto reset after is sent
Improved - Custom Post Types different position on left wp-admin navigation
Improved - Page transition events
Improved - Documentation and video tutorials