Kentha: the ultimate Responsive Music WordPress theme. Audio visualizer, non-stop music player, artists, events, podcasts and more. With its endless potential, Kentha is the perfect music theme for dj, musicians, bands, music labels, clubs and singers. Unlimited possibilities, no coding skills required!

Now compatible with WooCommerce: build your ultimate music and merch store!

WordPress 5 Ready!


Ultimate Flexibility

Transform your website in a unique and engaging travel in the music, with video backgrounds and the first and only real time music visualizer, creating that sticky user experience that will have your followers coming back for more. With Kentha your website is sure to be a hit.
Take a quick sneak peek now!

By utilizing the power of Drag and Drop Page Building with Visual Composer plus a myriad of shortcodes, just about any page you can dream up is possible. You don’t need incredible design or development chops, Kentha has done all the hard work for you. Just tailor to your needs, add your content and SHAZAM!

Features Musicians and Fans will Adore

A music website has to cater for the one thing important to a music website – the MUSIC! Which is why we are so proud of our music player and other features found here in Kentha.
Give users the ability to navigate while listening, fast forward, reverse, skip or download tracks, provide a meaningful experience to discover artist profiles that link to further Bio information, Album discographies and embed links directly to their latest work in SoundCloud, BeatPort or MixCloud.
Kenth and WordPress – it’s all about the music.

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Full Price: 63$


Want to do your own ecommerce? Kentha now supports WooCommerce, the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. We also provide a quick function to add the playlist of an existing album to any product, and easily sell your music online.
More to come: This early WooCommerce support is not yet at full power: we will add much cooler functions and shortcodes in the next theme version, such as direct cart tracks and more.
Shop pages are loaded outside of ajax (music stops) for better performance and security requirements

The Player

Together with the new powerful Kentha Ajax Page Load which allows to keep the music playing while navigating pages, the revolutionary Kentha Player is the first in the world with a Real-Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer.
This revolutionary features transform the listening experience in an engaging moment of active listening where the visitor can literally “see the music!”
This is also a very important feature for producers, DJs and Musicians who can now see a real-time analysis of the audio spectrum making Kentha totally unique. The player allows as well 2 different types of spectrum analysis – single and double layers.
Feature currently only available for MP3 tracks uploaded in the same domain. Desktop and Web Audio browsers like Chrome and Firefox supported, soon to be extended to other browsers.

Full page video and photo Backgrounds

Set a full page video background for the entire website or for any single page so every album, artist, blog post or event can have its own specific video background, or a fallback image for mobile devices.
Enable special effects to fade-out background videos and pictures on page scroll for optimal reading or use trendy Material Design cards.
With the video backgrounds you can also set a specific time cue in order to skip intro titles or cue to a precise moment of the video that sets the tone for your content.

Interactive Cards

With Kentha you can choose amazing interactive card-design with unique liquid-animation for every post type, such as Tracklists, Playlists, Artists lineup and content preview.
Transform any archive item into a proper interactive player, including time skip for mp3 podcasts!

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Keep on building amazing things with WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer) and our own unique Custom Shortcodes you can create almost unlimited web elements with Drag and Drop simplicity. Add Carousels, Podcasts, Events, Booking Forms, Galleries, Video and much more.
What are you waiting for? Get started now!
Enable special effects to fade-out background videos and pictures on page scroll for optimal reading or use trendy Material Design cards.

Super Customizable

Customization is easy with Kentha and WordPress using the familiar Theme Customizer you can update your new musicians website in real time with Live Preview.

  • 10+ color pickers
  • 4 x Google Font pickers
  • Pagination
  • Backgrounds
  • Logo Uploader
  • Widgets
  • 2 x Menu Designs

…and much more – with no coding required!

Blazing Performance

For an optimal performance Kentha loads minified scripts and CSS, making your website 10x faster than other music WordPress themes. Minification works by analyzing and rewriting the text-based parts of a website to reduce its overall file size and extends to scripts, style sheets, and other components that the web browser uses to render your site.
With these optimal settings and set up you can achieve a 98% “A” grade on GT Metrix for normal pages.
Without any caching plugins on a good hosting plan, you can achieve a 1.2 seconds loading time for the Home Page and 0.6 seconds loading time for an album page.

Super Responsive

Kentha has been extensively tested and adapted for optimal performance on Android and iOS mobile devices. Functions and performance are specially crafted for the different devices and mobile connections so that your content scales seamlessly across all of today’s modern devices without any additional work on your part.

Automated Installation

Forget FTP, file uploads and coding! The Kentha setup process is totally guided by the new Theme Core plugin, which will step you through Plugin and Demo Content installation, making getting your website up and running in no time an absolute breeze.

Automatic Theme Updates

Kentha includes the powerful Envato market plugin, allowing automated updates in one click.

Awesome and Clear Documentation + Videos

Kentha comes with an extensive Knowledge Base online to help you get the most out of your new theme. Well structured, easily searchable and covering every component so that you can easily find detailed info on creating the perfect website.
You’ll also find super handy video tutorials that allow you to follow along at your own pace, pause, rewind and replay at your own pace. These includes screencasts with spoken word for maximum benefit.

  • Manual
  • Video tutorials

Professional Support

Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can find your answer immediately amongst thousands of questions and answers, or open a support request and receive your answer in few hours.

  • Knowledge base
  • Forums
  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

Envato Elite Authors

We are leaders in creating WordPress Themes for the music industry since 2012.
In that time we have introduced to the market the most professional and avantgarde music WordPress themes with innovative functions and groundbreaking designs.
Over 7000+ customers can’t be wrong!

Custom Shortcodes

Add your ‘tons of custom shortcodes’ list here

Professional Music Features

  • Non-stop music player
  • Album releases
  • Podcasts
  • Artists
  • Events
  • Booking
  • News
  • Fullscreen video background
  • Tons of shortcodes

Feature List

  • Real-time audio spectrum analyzer (Desktop Chrome & Firefox, more to come)
  • Double layer extra contents
  • Video background everywhere
  • Fade-out background on scroll
  • 6 Album shortcodes
  • Album Archive Playlist
  • Unlimited buy links
  • Mp3 + Shoundcloud + Mixcloud podcasting
  • Automatic booking form
  • Logo header for artists
  • Auto link album for every artist
  • Revolutionary material-design cards with built-in player

Extensive WooCommerce support

With Kentha you can build a real music store as iTunes or Beatport, in fact you can add the tracks to the cart directly from any playlist or from the player, buy single MP3 files or entire albums.

Kentha adds a tons of custom shortcodes for your music shop, as Buy Now links, cart icons on playlists and albums, custom playlist via shortcode and page Builder and much more!
You can also add playlists directly in a Slider Revolution.
The possibilities are endles, to sell both digital or physical albums, and any other type of merchandise.
Kentha offers the most complete WooCommerce implementation and is the only WordPress theme with direct ajax add-to-cart.

You can add any existing playlist to a product page in a click, or sell the music from an album page without having to pass by the product page.

Definitely another level for the music industry standards.

Elite Authors

We are leader in music WordPress themes since 2012, and we always introduced to the market the most professional and avantgarde music WordPress themes with innovative functions and designs. 6000+ customers can’t be wrong!


== Changelog ==
1.5.6 [2019 February 13]
[x] UPDATED Revo Slider and Page Builder

1.5.5 [2019 February 05]
[x] UPDATED js soundcloud height fix

1.5.4 [2019 January 17]
[x] UPDATED plugin Kentha Player

1.5.3 [2019 January 11]
[x] UPDATED Kentha Radio plugin compatibility
[x] IMPROVED responsivity for soundcloud embedded in charts tracklist
[x] UPDATED plugin Kentha Widgets to 1.0.7 (now supporting hide past events)
[x] UPDATED plugin Kentha Player to 1.9.5
    * ADDED track delete button (desktop only, no space in mobile)
    * ADDED preload spinner on first load for better user experience
    * FIXED chrome audio policy for chrome 71
[x] ADDED custom types to Rest API

1.5.2 [2018 December 19]
[x] UPDATED Kentha Player to fix compatibility with Chrome 71 and music spectrum analyzer

1.5.1 [2018 December 10]
[x] Fixed CSS alignment with ellipsis
[x] Fixed php issue in part-lineup.php

1.5 [2018 December 08]
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce compatibility to 3.5.2
[x] UPDATED Page Composer (Visual Composer) 5.6
[x] UPDATED to WordPress 5.0
[x] ADDED Classic Editor plugin
[x] ADDED Chart Voting plugin for KenthaRadio plugin (separate product)

1.4.0 [2018 October 29]
[x] UPDATE Page Builder plugin to 5.5.5
[x] UPDATE QT Places to 1.8.1
[x] UPDATE Kentha contact form
[x] UPDATE Kentha for WooCommerce 3.5.0

1.3.9 [2018 September 17]
[x] UPDATE Page Builder plugin to latest version
[x] UPGRADE Open player when loading a new track
[x] UPGRADE Podcast added download link 
[x] UPGRADE Podcast added icon option link 
[x] UPGRADE Podcast added price link
[x] UPGRADE Internal menu smoothscroll (HOW-TO: edit menu, enable CSS classes, add "smoothscroll noajax")
[x] FIXED Soundcloud podcast too high in single podcast page 
[x] FIXED Podcast and release main artist now appears also if there is no artist with this name in database
[x] FIXED Secondary layer some items in mobile may go under the player
[x] FIXED Play next on track finish (mobile) 
[x] FIXED Shortcode playlist added price attribute

1.3.8 [28 August 2018]
[x] Added new social icons: Blogger, Skype, RSS, Linkedin
[x] Updated Envato market plugin
[x] Updated plugins repository URL

1.3.7 [06 August 2018]
[x] UPDATED Player plugin (removed double price) to Kentha Player v. 1.9.1

1.3.6 [03 August 2018]
[x] ADDED playlist manager in customizer, manage releases, podcast and custom playlists
[x] ADDED  podcast  in player
[x] ADDED track prices in playlist 
[x] ADDED shortcode: interactive card grids
[x] UPDATE kentha player to 1.9.0 in tgm: better performance while idle
[x] UPDATE TTG Core to 1.3.2 in tgm

1.3.5 [20 July 2018]
[x] FIXED short gallery multimedia fixed undefined index title
[x] ADDED template " Blog cards with sidebar" 
[x] FIXED WooCommerce loading icon positioning in buttons
[x] FIXED WooCommerce php7.2 compatibility
[x] INTERNATIONALIZED DATE part-event-inline-compact.php
[x] INTERNATIONALIZED DATE part-related.php
[x] UPDATED QT Ajax Pageload plugin to add exclusion class for menu items
[x] UPDATED CSS qt-woocommerce.css (.product h2)

1.3.4 [02 July 2018]
[x] FIXED internationalization of date in part-event-inine.php
[x] UPDATED QT Ajax Pageload plugin to fix regex

1.3.3 [28 June 2018]
[x] FIXED WooCommerce dropdowns 
[x] UPDATED QT Ajax Pageload plugin to fix WooCommerce product download
[x] UPDATED Slider Revolution plugin
[x] UPDATED Page Builder plugin

1.3.0 [03 June 2018]
[x] ADDED WooCommerce custom field "playlist" to add tracks from existing album
[x] ADDED WooCommerce function buy link playlist normal e drop-in product
[x] ADDED WooCommerce function buy link ajax added in "listen on" in right sidebar
[x] ADDED WooCommerce function event buy link in header and sidebar ajax add to cart support added
[x] ADDED WooCommerce function release buy link in header and sidebar ajax add to cart support added
[x] ADDED WooCommerce shortcode styling
[x] ADDED WooCommerce products shortcode
[x] ADDED WooCommerce flash sale icon
[x] ADDED WooCommerce added layout columns option in customizer
[x] ADDED WooCommerce cart menu
[x] ADDED WooCommerce product page
[x] ADDED WooCommerce search widget
[x] ADDED WooCommerce price range widget
[x] ADDED WooCommerce added product slideshow shortcode
[x] ADDED WooCommerce added cart action to chart tracks
[x] ADDED Privacy field comment form
[x] ADDED Playlist shortcode kentha-playlist [kentha-playlist id=""]
[x] IMPROVED artist release better accuracy
[x] ADDED new shortcode SOCIAL ICONS
[x] ADDED new shortcode CUSTOM PLAYLIST in Visual Composer
[x] ADDED interaction buttons in ALBUM ARCHIVE SMALL
[x] UPDATED .pot
[x] UPDATED Ajax Plugin rar regex
[x] UPDATED Kentha Player Plugin to 1.8.5 with fixes for Chrome 66
[x] UPDATED Documentation manual (Shortcode)

1.2.2 [16 may 2018]
* UPDATED KenthaPlayer
* ADDED basic WooCommerce support. Will provide a much wider and cooler support in next theme release. 
    - This one was in rush due to new Chrome policies about audio that forced us to make a new player

1.2.0 [02 may 2018] *** REQUIRES PLUGINS UPDATE ***
This update also adds the support for the upcoming Kentha Radio plugin.
The radio support won't add any extra weight for the websites not using this plugin.
1.5 Theme update
[x] ADDED QT Places archive template [x] ADDED Event: create artists manually in the lineup [x] ADDED Single artist: Tab events with automated list of events(from event lineup) [x] ADDED KUVO social also to artists [x] ADDED Events logo in header [x] ADDED Video manuals [x] ADDED New demo 8 [x] ADDED Support for upcoming Kentha Radio plugin [x] FIX 404 page colors and added default background [x] FIX Customizer letter spacing .qt-btn fix [x] FIX empty buttons creating buy link and deleting them in events and releases [x] UPDATE DOCUMENTATION: how to manually add an artist to event lineup [x] UPDATED Kentha Player Plugin 1.1.5 [06 Apr 2018] [x] Customizer: add Hi Quality Parallax option in general [x] New parallax Hi Quality function [x] Add 3d release PSD pack [x] Updated Contact Form 7 css for fropdown and select fields [x] customizations.php:120 updated menu color selectors [x] functions.php added browser recognition [x] functions.php added custom social icons for author