Concrete5 Theme
Clean design with illustrations specifically for a wedding theme. (view demo for specifics)
Responsive design based on Foundation by Zurb allowing your site to look great on multiple devices.

Wedding Illustrations:
Bride at computer in showcase, Cake, Heart Flowers, Wedding Dress, Rings

Includes 5 add on blocks
(Please note these are very basic, simple add ons and for more functionality you can find more robust versions in the marketplace.)

Pop up block—Create beautifully styled pop ups that match the theme

Logo creator—Create a logo that is styled with

Button maker—Make your own CSS3 styled buttons on the fly that match the theme

Tab creator—Simple but effective tabs styled to match the site

Flexxy – courtesy of Jordan Lev’s Flex(xy) Slider—Responsive slider that works seamlessly with the theme.

Includes custom attributes and custom views for concrete5 pagelist block for special roll over affects and two columns services.